100 Percent Zero Emission Snorkel Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries eliminate CO₂ and other harmful emissions for environmentally-friendly operation.

+ Indoor applications

+ Low emissions zones

+ Green cities

Maintenance-free battery packs and electric motor reduce service costs and reduce the load on service mechanics.

+ Less downtime

+ Low total cost of ownership

+ Better return on investment

93 Percent Service Cost Reduction Snorkel Lithium-ion Battery
62 Percent Noise Reduction Snorkel Lithium-ion Battery

No engine fan means less noise and reduced dust generation for clean and quiet performance.

+ No internal combustion engine

+ Low noise pollution

+ Reduced airborne pollutants

One of the only manufacturers to carry a full range of lithium-ion battery-powered products with 4-wheel drive.

+ 9 models of rough terrain aerial lifts and telehandlers

+ Increased torque delivers improved traction on rough terrain

+ Equal or better performance as diesel equivalent

4 By 4 Snorkel Lithium-ion Battery
Two In One Work Indoors and Outdoors Snorkel Lithium-ion Battery

Easily tackle indoor or outdoor applications from one versatile machine.

+ Does not emit exhaust, CO₂ or NOₓ

+ Meets jobsite regulations for no or low emissions

+ Operable where diesel and hybrid units are restricted